Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Oughta Know About....

Hi everyone!  Today I'm participating in a blog-hop sponsored by Jasmine from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain.  She's got an awesome blog with lots of terrific followers and I appreciate her invitation to join in the fun today! 

You oughta know about this really cool tip to save your old pencils from an early end.

If your classroom is anything like mine, you use a lot of pencils.


And it doesn't take long before we accumulate a whole pile of pencils like this.  Short, stubby, worn out.  NO eraser left.  Only, sometimes the pencils are like new except: no eraser left.

And there never seems to be one of these around when you need one.
So I'm going to show you the best trick I know for extending the life of your pencils!

You can actually use your hand held pencil sharpener on the eraser end of the pencil!  I like to use the bigger hole because I can really control how far I'm cutting around the eraser.  A little strip of metal can be very easily carved away from the eraser.

And look how nice your pencil turns out!
It takes a little practice to get the cutting just right.  But once you've got it, it's SO easy!  This trick has been a lifesaver for hundreds of pencils in my classroom.  Rejuvenate your own old pencils with your hand held sharpener!

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  1. Wow! What a clever idea. I never would have thought to cut away a bit of the metal to reveal more of the eraser. Thanks for sharing!
    Crockett's Classroom, Forever in Third Grade

  2. Never thought of this! Can't wait to show my students!

  3. That's a great idea! I get goosebumps when I think of the imaginary sound it might make. Ha! I will totally give it a try! I would LOVE to get just a little more eraser life out of my pencils!


  4. It actually doesn't make ANY sound at all! Not that I can hear anyway. Maybe all the dogs in the neighborhood can hear it, I don't know! Happy sharpening!

  5. I have never seen this before! This is such a great idea. This year my kids loved to wear down (or in some the erasers, but now I have a fix for that!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain