Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Get Outside!!

Happy Autumn!! Fall is my favorite time of year - from the start of school to the trick-or-treat of Halloween!

I love SIGHTS of the fall – the vibrant colors, the longer shadows, countless pumpkins and mums on display.  I love the SOUNDS of the fall – the rustle of the trees in the wind, the laughter of children playing in the leaves, the distant honks of geese flying by in formation.  I love the SMELLS of the fall, too – pumpkin bread baking in the oven, the seeds and guts of a soon-to-be jack o’lantern, a nearby neighbor’s fire burning.  I even love the FEEL of the fall – cozy flannel shirts and warm socks, the first night with the heat on in the house, the cool crisp air on my face.

Love. It. All.

There ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do to get myself (and my students!) outside in the fall. It’s a pretty easy thing for a science teacher to do. We just plan a day for observation, grab some ziploc bags and our magnifying glasses and head for the fields outside our school.

 I’m pretty fortunate that the high school where I work is surrounded by beautiful grounds with fields, forest trails, and ponds right outside our walls. But you can even do a fairly good outdoor experience in a schoolyard, near a playground, even in the big city if that’s what you’ve got available.

Everyone loves to get outside and explore. It reaches into our souls, almost, and brings us back to the wonders of discovering our surroundings as a child. Even my high school SENIORS have loved getting outside.  They enjoy spending the time together and forming new friendships or sharing fresh experiences with old friends.  and after this fall observation activity they were begging me to run it again with each season. The comments from the students are interesting and motivating.

One student told me, “I never really LOOKED at a leaf before!” And she was seventeen years old. Sometimes we need to just slow down and LOOK.  That's the TRICK of this post.  Get outside and love the fall.

Now, for the treat....

I know I have a lot of elementary school teachers that read my blog.  I love having you here!!  This activity is perfect for ANY age group and at a SUPER LOW PRICE!  Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store to pick it up.


  1. Very Cute! Who doesn't love to be outside? :)

  2. Cute idea for bringing the outdoors into the classroom.
    Burke's Special Kids

  3. Awesome! I know my second graders will love the scavenger hunt!

    The Learning Chambers

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! This scavenger hunt is great, and I think it is awesome that even your older students got so into it. Too sweet!