Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A couple of new things...

Okay I can't lie.  I am totally excited about this new stuff I have been working on - a bottlecap dangler for bookbags, backpacks or lunchboxes... a keychain and magnet for teacher.  Oooohhh ... I feel a giveaway coming up....

I jumped into this blogging and TpT with both feet and then I got run-down and not feeling well so I havent done much for a week.  But I'm ready to work a long time this weekend.. especially since my Best Buy shopping is DONE!  Thank you early access!!

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  1. I requested to have these made on TPT, and Terri answered my call! She did a fantastic job! She is a perfectionist--which I love, and sent them off to me lickety split! She came up with the design and the idea. I started with the buttons and then she designed the danglers, which I love! Let's just say that my students were spoiled rotten for Christmas this year! Thank you so much, Terri! You were a joy to work with!!!!