Monday, November 11, 2013

My TpT store is now open!

Exciting day today!  I opened my TpT store.

I've been thinking about doing it for a very long time.  Mostly because I have been looking for a set of Lab Safety posters for my classroom, and I have been unable to find any that I like enough to buy.

My classroom is all new - finally got remodeled over the summer - and I only want to put things I love in it.  And since I couldnt find posters I love, I decided to make my own.  So I bit the bullet and purchased some of the cutest graphics out there - drawn by Ashley at  Ashley has been very gracious and has helped walk me through the beginning stages of creating my own teaching materials using her graphics.

I have three thousand ideas spinning through my head!  I feel like I have so much opportunity to create lessons and really cute materials!

I must admit I am a little worried that people will think the graphics I chose to use are too cutesy for high school.  But the truth is, the kids love that kind of thing.  I never saw so much envy as there is in my classroom when some students get stickers on their quizzes!

This is my first offering at TpT - its the free one.  It includes a lot of different games for students and families to use at Thanksgiving.  I remember going to my Aunt Ginny's house when I was a kid.  Someone always brought color by number for the kids to do.  And any time we are with Uncle Frank, we play a question and answer game that is the basis for my Name Five game.

Go on over to and download it.  It's free!

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